Wiggly Worms and Waste


Subject: Language/Science, Technology/Health, Physical Activity

Specific Expectations met by this workshop:

  • Follow one and two-step directions in different contexts
  • Orally retell simple events and simple familiar stories in proper sequence
  • Sort and classify groups of living and non-living things
  • Describe and/or represent using their own observations, patterns, cycles in the natural world
  • Pose questions and make predictions and observations before and during investigations
  • Participate in environmentally friendly activities in the classroom and the school yard
  • Begin to demonstrate an understanding of the effects of healthy, active living
  • Investigate the benefits of nutritious foods

Description of EcoHouse experience:

Through a series of activities, games, and storytelling, students will learn how compost is good for the garden.  Through hands-on demonstrations, they will learn about composting with the Green Cart and Red Wiggler worms. Students will participate in a Waste Race game where they will sort waste in its proper place. The tour will end with a final Energy Goblin game where students will learn how they can save energy and water in their homes. Students will take home a commitment sheet (which they can color) and promise to help the earth stay healthy.

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