Support Green Venture

Green Venture believes in changing the world, starting in our own backyard. By connecting ideas and people where they live, work and play, we design programs and services that facilitate sustainable living and realize a cleaner, healthier community that benefits us all.

How Can You Support Us?


Leaders in environmental education, we provide presentations in schools and at EcoHouse, directly reaching over 8,000 young people every year. An additional 5,000 participate directly in our community programs, which includes Clean Air for Kids, Totally Transit for Seniors, Community Gardens, Climate Change Hamilton and more. Partnering with our local community and businesses, Green Venture provides services to an additional 1,000 people annually through programs like RAIN and the Enbridge Home Weatherization Program. Over 500,000 others are served through the educational component of these services.

Donating to Green Venture is a powerful statement of your commitment to a clean and safe environment by providing practical solutions, education and empowering to our community so they can make a positive, long-lasting environmental change.

Visit our Donate page to learn more about how you can donate to Green Venture, and how your donation is used.

Become a Sponsor

Green Venture thrives on its community and corporate sponsors.  These sponsors provide valuable support towards community programs such as school visits, summer camps, and the day-to-day operations of EcoHouse.  Please visit our “Become a Sponsor” page to learn more about how your business or organization can become part of Green Venture’s programs.


Volunteering with Green Venture offers an excellent opportunity for people of any age to get involved.

The benefits of volunteering with our community organization are:

  • Self-fulfillment!
  • Valuable experience to give your next resume or job interview a boost
  • Insight into the exciting and dynamic world of Environmental Education and non-profit organizations
  • Contribution to the community and to sustainable development in the Greater Hamilton Area
  • High School Students: 40 hours of community service for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma

There are numerous ways to volunteer with Green Venture and make a difference in the community.  Please visit our Volunteering page to learn more about our opportunities.