Turning asphalt to green space all over #hamont

Hamilton has picked up the Depave Paradise bug! Urban areas are covered with hard surfaces such as driveways, parking lots and buildings that interrupt the natural water cycle by preventing rain water from soaking into the ground. Every time it rains, runoff from these hard surfaces pick up pollutants like chemical waste, cigarette butts, pet waste, gasoline, oil, and litter are washed into storm drains, through our sewers and into the Hamilton Harbour. 

Depave Paradise is a project of Green Communities Canada that Green Venture has been running in Hamilton since 2012. So far we have depaved at 6 sites, removing 632 meters squared of asphalt (or 6803 square feet) from the City and replacing it with native trees, shrubs and plants, rain gardens and outdoor classrooms. This allows water to soak into the ground, which increases infiltration rates, recharges our groundwater and keeps our cities cool.

At these work-bee events, volunteers gather to reclaim the soil by physically removing asphalt by hand, an oddly addictive community empowering activity. We are always looking for locations with vast amounts of underutilised or unnecessary asphalt to depave!

Look for us on Cable 14 this week talking about low impact development techniques you can use at your home to reduce stormwater runoff, increase infiltration and keep our Hamilton Harbour clean! Techniques include: install a rain barrel, build a rain garden, plant a tree, have permeable driveways…the opportunities are endless!