Sometimes, joining the fight against climate change can mean advocating for a change in legislation, swapping a car for a bicycle, or not taking that trip across the globe. But sometimes, it can mean making dinner. By making small changes to daily activities, your impact as an individual, and as part of a larger community can snowball into large-scale changes.

Ecoanxiety is real, and we like to provide accessible resources that help Hamiltonians live in a way they feel good about, without causing additional stress or judgement. That’s why we’ve partnered with local Foodie Climate Champions to bring you Cooking for Climate: a series of FREE kitchen and cooking workshops that will discuss simple ways you can decrease your impact on the environment—while making something delicious.

Tune in throughout March as we join some well-seasoned kitchen climate champs as they demonstrate some of their favourite sustainable recipes or kitchen hacks, and share tips on how you can make your kitchen more climate friendly.


How to Join:

Register for Sessions on Eventbrite!

After registration through Eventbrite, you will receive an ingredient list for ALL sessions with your order confirmation. If you would like to cook along during your session(s), feel free to stock up your kitchen with the ingredients needed for your chosen session. A Zoom link to join the virtual event will be emailed to you 48 hours in advance of the event.


About the Sessions


Kate's Baked Vegan Recipes

SESSION 1: Student-Friendly Vegan Sushi Burrito with Kate!

March 3rd @ 6PM EST

Join Kate of @katesbakedvegan as she teaches us how to make a low budget, sustainable, and student friendly vegan sushi burrito! Featuring interchangeable ingredients that will help you make a delicious, budget wise meal.

About Your Host: 

Kate is a McMaster student that runs a food blog, Kate’s Baked, where she shares delicious and student-friendly vegan recipes. Find her on Instagram @katesbakedvegan

SESSION 2: Local Love and Sprouting at Home with Ginny!

March 10th @ 6PM EST

Join Ginny of the Community Permaculture Lab, as she discusses sourcing local food options while making a delicious salad with homegrown sprouts. Grow your own crunchy options right in your kitchen year round to reduce waste and trips to the grocery store — let’s sprout together!

About Your Host: 

Ginny is a member of Hamilton’s Community Permaculture Lab, and a creation care and local food advocate.

Joyce of Cooking Logo

SESSION 3: Fridge-Purge Pad Thai with Joyce!

March 16th @ 6PM EST

It’s time to clean out your fridge! Join Joyce from Joyce of Cooking to use ingredients you already have on hand to reduce food waste, and make a delicious and authentic Pad Thai!

About Your Host:

Joyce is a food blogger and lover of all things cooking, eating, and marketing! Follow her on Instagram or head to her website to learn more! 


Alex from Kitchen Island and LogoSESSION 4: Seasonally Sustainable Carrot Soup with Alex!

March 23rd @ 1PM EST

Join Alex from The Kitchen Island to cook seasonally and sustainably! And today – Delicious Carrot Soup. Carrots, like other root vegetables, are widely available during the winter. While your soup is cooking, you will learn how to make yummy croutons for your soup by giving a second life to old bread!

Optional: Use the stock made with Joyce in last week’s session to elevate this soup!

About Your Host: 

Alex is a pastry chef and owner of Kitchen Island, an artisanal online bakery in Hamilton, expressing our love for you through creative pastry work with the best seasonal ingredients that Ontario has to offer. You can order Alex’s delicious pastries at for pickup or delivery on Sundays! Follow Alex on Instagram!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or