For Educators

A class of children lean against the EcoHouse community garden fence. A schoolbus sits on the road in the background.

Green Venture offers a variety of interactive, curriculum-linked programs for students, all the way from preschool to Grade 12. Browse through our current program offerings below.

Are you interested in a topic not listed here? Reach out to us at to make a suggestion or ask us about joining our Education Steering Committee (launching Fall 2021).

The legs and arms of five people holding shovels and tools work to lift a concrete paver out of the ground.

Youth Stewardship Program

Looking for ways to put action into education? Have your class work together on a hands-on stewardship project! Whether you implement our tree-planting or invasive species removal programs, or develop a project of your own, Green Venture can support you in running your own classroom Youth Stewardship Program. This is a longer-term program that includes several workshops for developing professional skills and learning how to plan and implement a stewardship project. It is offered as an in-class program or as an extracurricular.

Two people work to remove an LDD moth egg sack from a tree.

SHSM Workshops & Certification

Are your Grade 11 and 12 students completing a Specialist High Skills Major? We offer a variety of engaging workshops to assist your students in completing compulsory and elective certifications and training courses. Check out our list of workshops and associated certifications and courses to learn more.

Picture of a kindergartener removing an LDD moth egg sac beside another picture of two grade twelve students also removing LDD moth egg sacs. Below it says: Kindergarten to grade 12, LDD moth egg sac removal green venture community science.

Community Science

Our first community science project will be focused on LDD moth egg sac removal. LDD moths are an invasive species that wreak havoc on our tree canopy each year, so we are excited at the prospect of bringing together our community to help keep them under control. We will keep track of how many egg sacs are removed through the project and calculate an estimate of the leaf area saved. That means that participating classes will know what a big, positive impact the project has had on our urban tree canopy! The program will be open to all grades, with curriculum ties, for students from Kindergarten to grade 12.

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Contact us at with any questions or for more information.

A group of young students listening to a Green Venture Staff member give instructions on site at Ecohouse. In the top right hand corner there is a logo that says waste and water workshop with a picture of a globe with garbage inside of it and a hand reaching to remove it. At the bottom of the image there is a band of text that says: Kindergarten to grade 8.

Waste & Water Workshops

Want to add more eco-friendly programming to your elementary classroom? Thinking about booking a workshop for your class? We offer engaging, fun, and informative workshops for kindergarten through grade 8 with cross-curricular links to the Ontario curriculum. Each workshop is set up to run for about an hour, and some have an option to be extended. Workshops can be run completely outdoors on site at Ecohouse or at your school property, virtually or in combination. Check out the workshop descriptions for more details on the grade 2 -8 workshops. The kindergarten to grade 1 workshop will be a combined waste and water workshop focusing on the topic of food waste. 

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A classroom of children stand and sit in front of a school, holding up no idling signs and posters beneath a Green Venture tent.

Fresh Air for Kids

Is air quality important to you? Us too! We each take over 20,000 breaths every day. Poor air quality can be particularly harmful for children, because they take in more per air per kilogram of body weight than adults. That’s why we partnered with Corr Research and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to bring Fresh Air for Kids to Hamilton schools. If you’re interested in signing up your class for Fresh Air for Kids, please fill out the form below.