Haley Mcrae, Environmental Outreach Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Haley and I’m a coop student with Green Venture for the rest of the year while I’m completing the Environmental Technician program at Mohawk College.

My love and respect for the environment and mother nature came from living in the countryside and riding horses. I was always in awe at how beautiful and powerful nature can be. I moved to Hamilton in 2014 to go to McMaster, where I completed my degree in Life Sciences. I then started at Mohawk College, where I started volunteering with the Sustainability Department. The Joyce Centre had just opened and I got the opportunity of a lifetime to be the ambassador of the building and lead a team of about 25 volunteers to teach people about the building and how to be more sustainable in their own lives. Through Mohawk, I learned about the WWF program called Living Planet Leaders and I soon completed that designation, becoming one of the first people in Canada to do so, it was amazing to get that opportunity and meet like-minded people along the way (More info about this program here.)

My role at Green Venture will involve helping to promote and develop the Power to Change program, where we help educate and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m super excited to meet you all and talk about cool sustainability things!