Thanks to everyone who took part in our first Homegrown Holiday Hunt! We hope you learned something about Hamilton and enjoyed safe outdoor exploration!

A huge thanks to these partners and prize pack sponsors:


Green Venture is excited to present our first Homegrown Holiday Hunt! This city-wide hunt features local eco-businesses, markets, and other #HamOnt attractions! We designed this COVID-conscious hunt to encourage residents to experience sustainable shopping options, local businesses, and natural beauty close to home and in their neighbourhoods. Please read ALL event details below, including our statement regarding activities during COVID-19. If you are a Facebook user, you can join the event to be notified about updates!


How to Participate:

Solve a phrase by collecting words from one of the participating locations for each theme. Every Monday and Thursday from December 21st to January 7th at noon, Green Venture will release instructions on how to collect the word for that theme. Each theme will have multiple participating locations / options scattered across Hamilton, of which you will only need to visit ONE to collect your word.

Once we release the instructions for each theme (dates below), you will be able to complete them at any time before the end of the hunt. Meaning for example, if you’d like, you will be able to complete all the stops on January 6th! Clues will be posted on this page, our Facebook event, on Instagram, and Twitter.

On January 7th at NOON, the final activity will be released. Once completed, participants will have all the pieces to solve the phrase. At this point the hunt will be TIME-SENSITIVE, so make sure to have completed the first 5 activities before this time!

The first two participants to solve the phrase and EMAIL it back to us will receive first and runner-up prize packs, donated by some of our amazing participating businesses! *Please do not post the solved phrase on social media, as there may be some delay between first and runner-up!* More specific instructions will be shared with each theme.

Use the hashtag #GVHoHoHunt if sharing on social media! Some themes require photo submissions, however, posting on social media is NOT a requirement of this hunt!

While we encourage that you support participating businesses, there will be NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to retrieve your word at any locations on this hunt.


THEMES and CLUES (updated here):

 Sustainable Shopping – Starts Dec 21

 Homegrown Markets – Starts Dec 24

Historical Hamilton – Starts Dec 28

Fantastic Food – Starts Dec 31

Majestic Murals – Starts Jan 4

  • Submit a photo of yourself at any mural in Hamilton on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email garden@greenventure.ca for your clue word. For a full list of Hamilton’s growing art scene visit : https://tourismhamilton.com/street-art-guide

Wonderful Waterways – Starts Jan 7

  • Send a photo of yourself at any Hamilton water system HOLDING UP a paper/device that says “GV HOHO HUNT” to water@greenventure.ca, and we will send you the phrase to solve! We ask that for this activity, you AVOID HIGH-TRAFFIC water systems, such as waterfalls and busy trail heads, and always follow lockdown guidelines in place for any location.

Please read our COVID-19 Statement:

We understand that participating in any activity may be limiting to those attempting to isolate as much as possible before the holidays. With this in mind, we also wanted to highlight local, sustainable shopping opportunities and support community health by promoting walking and experiencing local beauty this holiday season. We have designed this hunt with flexible times and locations / activities to support physical distancing. Before completing an activity, please be aware of location-specific COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. Do not participate if you are showing any signs or symptoms, if you have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive or is showing symptoms, or if you have travelled in the last 14 days. We encourage all participants to wear masks, maintain physical distancing and participate within your comfort limits. Please follow all Public Health recommendations and Covid-19 restrictions at: https://www.hamilton.ca/coronavirus/covid-19-restrictions