Cold house and high bills? We can help.

Wake up to a well-insulated home that feels warm and snug all the time.

If you qualify, you can receive:

  • New Insulation
  • Draft Proofing
  • Smart Thermostat

All installed by experienced professionals. Why? Because we want to make sure you save on energy costs and stay that much warmer during long winter months. Now that’s something to cozy up to.

Home Winterproofing is completely free-of-charge for approved homes. Residents must live in the Region of Niagara and may qualify either because they receive government assistance or have a low income (see below).

Click here to complete your application.

Image of a woman drinking out of a mug. Text above and to the right reads: "Ontario's FREE Home-Energy Upgrades. New insulation, draft proofing, and smart themostat. All work done by experienced professionals. Absolutely FREE for income qualifying households."

Applicant Qualifications

In order to qualify for Home Winterproofing: