Interactive School Programs

Green Venture offers a variety of interactive, curriculum-linked programs for students, all the way from preschool to grade 12.

Please add HST to all prices, and note that travel fees apply to locations outside Hamilton.

EcoHouse on the Road! (preschool – grade 12)

Visiting EcoHouse is an exciting adventure, but sometimes it is easier to let EcoHouse come to you. Many of our EcoHouse tour games and activities can be modified into 60 minute in-class presentations.

Please check our School Tour page for a listing of each program by grade.

Cost: $75 for the first presentation, $35 for each subsequent presentation on the same day.

Build a Class Vermicomposter (all ages)

Stop wasting and start composting! Let our Green Venture staff teach your class all about Vermicomposting, and then assemble your own classroom vermicomposter to keep, in this 60 minute workshop.

Cost: $145

Smoothie Bike (grade 2- grade 12)

Blend your own smoothie while building some valuable food literacy. Our stationary Smoothie Bike teaches engages with students around the sustainability of whole and local foods, and then lets them ride the bike to make a tasty treat! Your class participates in a 60 minute workshop, and then keeps the bike for a week.

Cost: $150

Lightning Bike (grade 4 – grade 12)

Get moving and pedal up some power! Our stationary Lightning Bike allows students to learn about the importance of conserving electrical energy, while increasing physical activity, and gives them a chance to see what they can power by pedalling the Lightning Bike. Your class participates in a 60 minute workshop, then keeps the bike for a week.

Cost: $150