Green Venture empowers Hamiltonians to implement greener practices in their homes and communities to make our city a climate champion.

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Taking action on climate change can happen in your own home with energy audits and retrofits that save energy and save you money. Our team walks you through the changes you can make and the supports to get you there.
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Community Greening

Our team inspires community members to manage rain where it falls, reducing water pollution and flooding, making grey spaces green, and helping to grow our urban forest, by providing knowledge, tools, and incentives.
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Our Environmental Experiential Learning Programs provide meaningful, authentic, and immersive environmental learning opportunities to Hamilton youth in classrooms, at EcoHouse, and in the community.
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EcoHouse’s 2 acres of food gardens, trees, and native plants allows our team to teach our community to grow green with hands-on demonstrations and programming.
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Youth Programs

Our Youth Engagement Programs provide opportunities for youth to get involved and make a real difference for their community and the planet.
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Glen Manor History

In 2003, the 1850s stone building known as Glen Manor became the “EcoHouse”, serving as Green Venture’s office and a demonstration site for various green initiatives.

Our Core Values

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