Green Venture empowers Hamiltonians to implement greener practices in their homes and communities to make our city a climate champion.

COVID-19 Update

Dear friends,
EcoHouse is closed and all in-person public programming at the EcoHouse is cancelled for the time being.
We will resume in-person programs once it is safe to do so. We will post any updates on social media and at
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all adapt to the changing circumstances. We look forward to seeing you again soon! Stay healthy, look out for each other, and happy spring!

Discover Green Venture

Energy Audits

For more than two decades the staff and volunteers at Green Venture have helped thousands of members of our community save money on their utility bills.

Wise Water Use

We have worked on a variety of water conservation projects such Depave Paradise, RAIN home visits, and the Hamilton downspout disconnection program.

Red Wrigglers

Red Wiggler worms are the most common type of worm used to compost indoors, and are an odour-free, fast method of making compost with minimal maintenance.

Green Gardening

Get excited about growing your own food and learning about nature with Green Venture’s garden programs!

Fresh Air for Kids

Learn about air quality and help keep our air clean by developing an Anti-Idling Campaign at your school with Fresh Air for Kids!

Our History

Green Venture was started in 1994 as a creation of the former Region of Hamilton-Wentworth.

Our Core Values

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