The Backyard Garden Project

The Backyard Garden Project emerged in response to the COVID-19 crisis and the inspiring resilience being demonstrated by our community. As we have collectively continued to navigate these uncertain times, people have been connecting more strongly than ever with their communities, neighbours, and nature. In learning new skills and finding new hobbies, many people are learning to garden and grow fresh food at home.

Alongside the rising interest in gardening, Green Venture believes this to be an opportune time to develop a more local, sustainable, and equitable food system. The Backyard Garden Project aims to support urban growing and community gardening whilst also facilitating the sharing of locally grown food and garden knowledge. We want to help Hamiltonians share what they know and grow to cultivate a healthier, greener community.

The Backyard Garden Project is focused on expanding Green Venture’s existing green gardening programs to empower even more people to garden locally and to grow food to share. By growing and sharing local produce, you are contributing to the foundations of healthier, self-sustaining, and connected communities.

  • Hamilton Seed Library:

    The Hamilton Seed Library is an initiative started by the Hamilton community and maintained by Green Venture that serves as a hub for sharing, borrowing, and donating seeds at no cost. We encourage those interested in gardening to visit a Hamilton Seed Library location to browse a free selection of seeds for planting! The Hamilton Seed Library depends on seed donations from you! Please save your seeds and share some back to the seed library at harvest time, so we can keep the cycle going next season. Please drop your collected seeds (labeled with the name of the seed, variety and any other helpful information) to our seed donation box at EcoHouse or contact us at to schedule a pick up. You can find more information about the Hamilton Seed Library in our blog post here!


    • EcoHouse – 22 Veevers Drive (SEED PICK UP & SEED DONATIONS at this location)
    • Need to Read Little Library – 62 Salem Ave. 
    • Cannon St. Little Library – Greenaway and Cannon St. E.
    • Little Free Library – 91 Wexford Ave. S.
    • Jackson Playground Little Library – 439 Jackson St. W.

The Hamilton Seed Library is a free initiative for all to borrow from! However, there are some costs associated with maintaining the program and ensuring seeds continue to be available for access. If you are enjoying your seeds, please help keep it going by donating via E-transfer to or on our page via PayPal.

  • Grow a Row: 

    Gardeners participating in Grow a Row commit to planting a row of produce in their gardens to later harvest and donate to agencies ensuring food security in Hamilton. Green Venture is committed to supporting Growers by offering a limited number of free sweet potato seedlings to registered Growers. Registration for the 2020 Grow a Row program is now open: For more information, see our blog post here!

 Stay tuned as we continue to expand our Backyard Garden Project and introduce new initiatives!

Community Garden

Founded in 2006, the EcoHouse Community Garden is home to 16 garden plots with a combination of raised beds, wheelchair accessible beds, and in-ground beds available for rent year-round. Street parking is available and organic practises are used in the gardens.  For more information about renting a garden plot at EcoHouse, you should reach out to us in February or early March, as garden boxes are usually allocated in April. If you are interested in renting a plot at the EcoHouse, please email or call 905-540-8787 x117.

Lumago Aquaponics

The Lumago is an aquaponics system is an indoor, sustainable farming system that combines aquaponics and hydroponics symbiotically.  This soilless, full-circle, organic farm is a way to grow both plants and fish all year round and uses 85% less water than traditional agriculture.

At Green Venture, the Lumago is used as an excellent teaching tool to demonstrate sustainable farming practises, food literacy, and the nitrogen cycle.  With thanks to the Edith H. Turner Foundation Fund through the Hamilton Community Foundation, we have been able to improve our connection with sustainable growing systems while giving back to our community through education and food bank harvest.

To learn more about the Lumago and aquaponics click here: