About our Community Garden

Up close photo of garden bed filled with dirt, plant seedlings, and picnic table in the background.

As of 2021, the EcoHouse Community garden is home to 18 garden plots with a combination of raised beds, wheelchair accessible beds, and in-ground beds available for rent year-round. New gardeners are welcome to contact us early in the season (February or March) to be added to the waiting list. If a plot becomes available we will get back to you in April or May with information on joining and the annual rental fee. For more information, or to be added to our waiting list, please email garden@greenventure.ca or call 905-540-8787.


A community garden supports local residents without access to suitable gardening spaces to grow their own fresh food locally. Taking part in a community garden is an amazing way to engage with your neighbourhood, create a more sustainable food system, and reduce environmental impacts.

Grow A Row

Our Objective

The Grow A Row program was established in the midst of the pandemic in 2020. As we continued to cope with the Covid-19 crisis, we were inspired by the local community resilience efforts taking shape. Many people were interested in learning new skills, and even more people were growing their own local fresh food!

At Green Venture, we saw it as an opportune time to help support a more local, sustainable, equitable food system. The Grow A Row program started as a pilot project with the aim to support more urban growing and facilitate the sharing of locally grown food, and gardening knowledge.


By joining as a Grower, you are helping to fight food insecurity and increasing access to healthy, sustainable, and local food sources within the Hamilton community. 

When you grow your own food and share it locally, you are creating a more resilient, healthy and connected community:

  • shortening the food miles fresh food travels
  • reducing the amount of pesticides and chemicals used 
  • increasing access to local, nutritious food 

Hamilton Seed Library

Little Seed Library pictured in front of EcoHouse community garden.

About the Seed Library

The Hamilton Seed Library is an initiative started by the Hamilton community and maintained by Green Venture that serves as a hub for sharing, borrowing, and donating seeds at no cost. We encourage those interested in gardening to visit a Hamilton Seed Library location to browse a free selection of seeds for planting! The Hamilton Seed Library depends on seed donations from you! Please save your seeds and share some back to the seed library at harvest time, so we can keep the cycle going next season.

Hamilton Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday

Since 2011, Green Venture has been the primary organizer of Hamilton’s Seedy Saturday – a well established and beloved gardening event. It is the go-to spring gardening event and launches the spring growing season. The goal of Seedy Saturday is to promote local ecologically grown seed and plants and support local seed producers and growers.