Seedling Sale

Cancelled: 4th Annual Seedling Sale on Saturday May 2nd and Sunday May 3rd

Due to current circumstances, the EcoHouse 4th Annual Seedling Sale will NOT be happening this year!

But you can still purchase beautiful organic/heirloom veggie and herb seedlings via the 2020 Online McQuesten Urban Farm Seedling Sale!

Check it out and shop here:

Community Garden

Founded in 2006, the EcoHouse Community Garden is home to a variety of 22 garden plots with a combination of raised beds, wheelchair accessible beds, and in-ground beds available for rent year-round. Street parking is available and organic practises are used in the gardens.  For more information about renting a garden plot at EcoHouse, you should reach out to us in February or early March, as garden boxes are usually allocated in April.  If you are interested in renting a plot at the EcoHouse, please email or call 905-540-8787 x117.

Lumago Aquaponics

The Lumago is an aquaponics system is an indoor, sustainable farming system that combines aquaponics and hydroponics symbiotically.  This soilless, full-circle, organic farm is a way to grow both plants and fish all year round and uses 85% less water than traditional agriculture.

At Green Venture, the Lumago is used as an excellent teaching tool to demonstrate sustainable farming practises, food literacy, and the nitrogen cycle.  With thanks to the Edith H. Turner Foundation Fund through the Hamilton Community Foundation, we have been able to improve our connection with sustainable growing systems while giving back to our community through education and food bank harvest.

To learn more about the Lumago and aquaponics click here:

Edible Garden Club (Now Nature Ninjas)

This program is now called Nature Ninjas. See the page link for details!

Get excited about growing your own food at Green Venture’s Edible Garden Club.  This bi-weekly, drop-off program is for kids ages 6 – 12 to discover growing, cooking, and eating healthy and local food.  Through play, gardening, and hands-on activities, we will learn the basics of sowing seeds through to their harvest, build and care for vermicomposters, help to manage our aquaponics farm system, and become more food literate.

Alternating Wednesdays from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm.

Registration is now closed.  Please check back for Fall 2020 dates.

Thanks to Ed Smee fund of the Conserver Society of Hamilton & District for financial support for this project.