Green Venture runs environmental education programs and events all year long! We are inviting local businesses to be a part of these events, by being a Corporate SponsorShare your commitment to climate action and support local greening efforts and environmental education!


Zero Waste Fair

New for 2020 and new for Hamilton! Help us launch Hamilton’s first ever Zero Waste Fair – a day of hands-on workshops and networking to help Hamiltonians learn to embrace the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, rot and recycle, eliminate single-use plastics, and support our local economy and zero-waste businesses. 

DEPAVE Paradise

By removing unwanted asphalt and replacing it with native plant gardens and trees we are improving our environment and renewing our community. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of community members who work together to make their neighbourhoods greener, streets more beautiful, water cleaner, and to create spaces where nature can thrive in the city. Green Venture has lead 9 Depave Paradise projects in Hamilton, removing over 1000m2 of asphalt and we are aiming to transform an additional 2 to 3 sites in 2020. Green Venture secures as many donations of time and materials as possible, while handling project management and coordination. Property owners, community members, and other stakeholders are engaged in a steering committee to guide the plans for the final planting vision. Could your parking lot be the next Depave Paradise location? Do your employees want to get their hands dirty and help out? Connect with us to find out more! 

Energy Savings for Clients & Employees

Green Venture’s Natural Resources Canada trained and licensed Home Energy Advisors can assess a home and provide an EnerGuide Rating or ENERGY STAR® certification for your clients or employees. Sponsor a Registered Energy Audit for your clients or employees and they will learn how to save money annually on their utilities and you are doing your part to protect the environment. And as a bonus clients or employees that conduct qualifying efficiency renovations and improvements can receive rebates from local gas utilities.

For Realtors:

The EnerGuide rating determines how energy-efficient a home is, using a scale that ranges from 0 to 100. Appeal to more home buyers with a certified ENERGY STAR® rating for a home or thank new clients with complimentary energy assessments they can use to create a more energy efficient and comfortable home. 

For Your Employees: 

Our energy assessment determines the major areas of energy use and waste and provides suggestions on what steps employees can take to improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes. All EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluations include:

  • A home’s rating and an explanation of the rating system
  • A breakdown of the amount of energy a home uses for space heating, lighting and appliances
  • The home’s estimated annual energy usage
  • Recommendations for improving a home’s EnerGuide rating and the efficiency of the home

Environmental Education

Help us engage the next generation of Environmental Stewards!
Education around climate change and caring for the environment is front of mind right now. Green Venture has a long track record of excellence in environmental education. Each year we welcome over 90 classes to visit our EcoHouse to participate in hands-on environmental education. We also deliver in-class environmental education workshops at local schools.  

Help a class visit EcoHouse and participate in our engaging environmental education tour OR help Green Venture staff bring local environmental learning directly to the classroom! All our environmental education is curriculum linked and hands-on. There are several ways that you can direct your sponsorship:

  • Have a passion for a certain topic (ie. water, waste, transportation)? We can match your sponsorship with a class requesting that topic.
  • Are you connected to a certain class/school? We can match your sponsorship to a requested school.
  • Did you have a specific grade in mind? We can match your sponsorship to a class that matches your preferred grade.
  • Do you want to sponsor environmental education around Earth Day? We can match your sponsorship for a class visiting at that time.

Canopy for Community

Canopy for Community is a new community tree education and stewardship program to engage Hamilton youth and the community in growing our urban forest canopy. Canopy for Community will engage youth and the community to plant and care for native trees to improve our health and address climate change. Tree planting and stewardship locations are currently being identified throughout Hamilton. 

Become a Canopy for Community Tree Planting Event Sponsor – 

Green Venture coordinates your company volunteers and provides tree planting instruction, all necessary tools and materials, and a Canopy for Community certificate of recognition.

Sponsor a Canopy for Community Tree Forum at EcoHouse – 

Local secondary students will participate in an interactive urban forest learning event at Green Venture’s EcoHouse in 2020. The event will have students participating in a variety of hands-on workshops such as: tree identification, career info and Q&A session with arboriculture industry professionals, industry demos (ie. tree climbing, pruning, planting, etc). Students will gain hands-on learning about the importance of urban trees, and understand how to identify and care for urban trees, and learn about career paths in arboriculture.