Slow it down, Soak it up, Keep it clean

Catch the RAIN helps homeowners reduce flooding and improve water quality in the Hamilton Harbour through green infrastructure.

Capture, absorb and filter rainwater with landscaping projects like:
• Rain gardens and swales
• Rain barrels
• Naturalized plantings
• Trees
• Permeable pavers

These projects help to decrease lot-level flooding and the impact of stormwater runoff on our watersheds. See our 2019 green infrastructure demonstration projects with homeowners in Dundas:

Harvest The Rain: Rain Barrels in Hamilton

Catch the RAIN with a Rain Garden

Be Part of Catching the RAIN in Hamilton

Take action to protect the water quality in our watershed. Catch the RAIN is currently being delivered as a pilot to Dundas residents. If you are a Dundas resident interested in making changes to your home, our Catch the RAIN program can help:

  1. Attend a workshop on green infrastructure in your community
  2. Sign up for a RAIN Coach consultation
  3. Become a demonstration site of green infrastructure techniques 
  4. Make changes to your home landscape to manage rain. Learn about solutions to slow it down, soak it up, keep it clean here

RAIN Coach Consultations

The RAIN Coach consultation is a one-on-one meeting at your property with Green Venture’s RAIN Coach. This coach consultation is intended to help you visualize where and how to manage rain on your property to create a healthier, more sustainable landscape. These RAIN Coach consultations are currently being delivered to Dundas residents through our pilot program. A $25 refundable deposit is required to book your appointment. Please use the Paypal button below once your application is approved.

Complete the following application form to determine suitability for our program. You must be a Dundas resident to receive one of our subsidized consultations.

RAIN Coach Application Form

Workshops and Events

Green Infrastructure in Your Community: Envision how you and your neighbours can use green infrastructure to reduce flood risk and polluted stormwater runoff. This event will provide an introduction to green infrastructure techniques such as rain gardens, bioswales, and permeable pavers that can be used to capture and filter stormwater where it falls, using rain as a resource and protecting the overall health of our watershed.

Workshop Dates:

Check back soon for 2020 workshop dates!

Cost: Free

These workshops are subsidized by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Sustain Our Great Lakes and City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund Grants.

Many thanks to our partners and funders:

Check out our Catch the Rain Dundas consultations: