Slow it down, Soak it up, Keep it clean

Catch the RAIN helps homeowners identify how to adapt their landscape to best practices for stormwater management. Simple changes to how water is managed on residential properties have the potential to foster a connection between our built environment and the natural environment. By reducing the amount of rain leaving each property, less polluted stormwater runoff is delivered to nearby water courses.

Our qualified rain coach will visit your home and work with you to create a concept sketch for your landscape to integrate rain gardens, rain barrels, bioswales and permeables. Those who receive a RAIN Coach visit could qualify to become a demonstration site for green infrastructure and receive funding support for their projects.

RAIN Coach Consultations

The RAIN Coach consultation is a one-on-one meeting at your property with Green Venture’s RAIN Coach, Michael Albanese. Michael will walk around with you, discuss any landscaping goals for your property, assess where water is flowing and look for opportunities to use rain water as a resource through green infrastructure. After the consultation Michael will take the necessary measurements of your property and provide you with a landscape design sketch identifying where green infrastructure can be incorporated. This coach consultation is intended to help you visualize where and how to manage rain on your property to create a healthier, more sustainable landscape.

Meet our RAIN Coach!

Michael Albanese is a landscape consultant, designer, and contractor operating under Avesi Stormwater & Landscape Solutions. His work focuses on helping people use rain as a resource through ecological planting design. A local Hamiltonian, Michael strives to be a positive influence on both the community and the environment. All of our home consultations will be with our RAIN Coach, Michael.

These RAIN Coach consultations are subsidized through a grant we received to pilot the Catch the RAIN program. A $25 refundable deposit is required.

RAIN Coach Consultation Application

As we have a limited number of free consultations through Catch the RAIN Dundas please complete the following application form to determine suitability for our program. You must be a Dundas resident to receive one of our subsidized consultations.

RAIN Coach Application Form

RAIN Coach Refundable Deposit

Once your application has been reviewed and it is approved you will receive a confirmation email from our RAIN Coach, Michael. In order to book the consultation please complete the $25 refundable deposit for your visit by clicking on the Paypal button below. You can choose to donate your deposit to Green Venture after your consultation or it will be refunded to you upon completion of the visit. Green Venture will contact you if your property does not fall within the guidelines for this consultation.

Note: if you are not present when our RAIN Coach comes for the visit, your refund will not be issued.

Workshops and Events

Attend one of our upcoming workshops to learn more about Catch the RAIN and our RAIN Coach visits:

Green Infrastructure in Your Community: Envision how you and your neighbours can use green infrastructure to reduce flood risk and polluted stormwater runoff. This event will provide an introduction to green infrastructure techniques such as rain gardens, bioswales, and permeable pavers that can be used to capture and filter stormwater where it falls, using rain as a resource and protecting the overall health of our watershed.

Past Workshop Dates:

Tuesday April 2nd, 2019 @ Dundas Public Library – registration closed

Tuesday May 28th, 2019 @ Yorkview Elementary School – registration closed

Tuesday August 6th, 2019 6-8:00pm @ Dundas Public Library – registration closed

Cost: Free

These workshops are subsidized by National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Sustain Our Great Lakes and City of Hamilton City Enrichment Fund Grants.

Many thanks to our partners and funders:

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