We support members of our community from all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds.


Volunteers, staff, board members, funders, partners, community leaders and the public each play a vital role in fulfilling our mission. We work hard, always encourage one another, have fun, and celebrate our achievements.


We care about our work and take a professional approach to everything we do. We are committed to delivering valuable programs and services with integrity and strong financial accountability.


We meet people where they live, work, and play. We design our programs and services to provide positive, measurable benefits to them and our community.


A gracious, optimistic approach to personal engagement helps us foster behavioural change. We are honest and acknowledge differing viewpoints without judgement.


Progress happens when individuals and organizations collaborate and learn together. We work with large and small businesses, governments, community-based groups and individuals to support and encourage change.


We continually learn how to best engage our community. We welcome and promote new ideas, technologies, and willingness to change.