COVID-19 Program Update: Education kits are still available for borrowing. Education kits are sanitized between uses, and will be available for contactless porch pick up. After you submit a request, Green Venture staff will contact you to coordinate pick up.

Power to Change Activity Kit (Grades 5 to 8)

Borrow the “Power to Change” toolkit for your school or community group!

These hands on, engaging activities supplement learning around climate change and energy conservation. Our goal is that students gain the knowledge and inspiration to make changes in their own lives to reduce energy use and address climate change. We want students to know that we all have the Power to Change

Activities included:

  1. Life Cycle Analysis: Let’s discover the energy cost of some of the stuff we buy.
  2. Examples of Excellence in Hamilton: Communities are working hard to tackle climate change and conserve energy.
  3. Perfectly Comfortable: Heating and cooling our homes can use a lot of energy.  How can we be comfortable AND conserve energy?
  4. Build a Lunch: Some of our food choices have a bigger impact on the environment than others.
  5. Planning for Fun: We need to get in the habit of noticing when we are using energy, and when we could choose to use less.

The toolkit is available in both French and English. The toolkit is available at no cost, and can be signed out for up to 2 weeks. Please note that the toolkit must be picked up/dropped off at Green Venture’s EcoHouse. The toolkit is designed for grades 5-8.

To request the toolkit go to :

Power to Change Activity Kit Request

Waste Education Kit (Grades 1 to 5)

Bring waste education into your classroom with the Waste Education Kit. This kit is was created by the City Of Hamilton Waste Department. It is filled with hands on curriculum linked activities for grades 1 to 5. Students will learn how to reduce their impact on the planet by practicing the 3 R’s. Includes videos of all waste facilities in action.  The kit is available to book for up to 2 weeks.

To request the Waste Education Kit go to:

Waste Education Activity Kit Request