Green Venture’s Ecodriver program educated Hamilton residents in becoming a more fuel efficient driver. By running anti-idling campaigns and partnering with local businesses to run “tire tune-up” workshops, Green Venture reduced Hamilton’s ecological tireprint.

Ecostar Challenge

This program that ran 2016-2017 challenged our students to learn, create, engage, and make practical changes around the many issues involved with climate change. Seven grand prizes were awarded to seven participating classes.


From 2016 to 2018, Green Venture and the Bay Area Restoration Council partnered to engage students and schools in the Hamilton Harbour Watershed through a hands-on, experiential stormwater management education program. The program was free of charge and involved the building of one rain garden at each participating school as a practical and positive solution to stormwater!

The Hamilton Gold Box Program

You may have noticed that some neighbours on your street sport a fancy golden recycling box. These were awards for houses proving themselves to be skilled waste sorters. The criteria for receiving one of these gold boxes was displaying…

1. Noticeably good capture rates and low contamination rates in blue boxes. Capture and contamination rates show knowing ‘what goes where’ and putting things in the right container.
2. Visible food scraps and lack of contamination in a green cart.
3. One bag of garbage or less at the curb.

The Hamilton Alleyways Project

Beginning in 2015 as a pilot project, Green Venture partnered with community supporters and volunteers to recreate the Westmill Alley from a pavement heavy area to a green space with native species gardens, solar lighting, local art, and natural playgrounds. From March 2017 to March 2018, with over 40 volunteers, Green Venture helped transform three more of Hamilton’s alleys into more dynamic, greener spaces.

Totally Transit for Children

Through a partnership with Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), Green Venture developed the Totally Transit for Kids program to introduce elementary school students to Hamilton’s public transit system. Through hands-on participation students acquire the skills to take the bus safely and confidently.

Bus Brains

Funded through Clean Air Hamilton, this program ran in 2018, and engaged students in measuring the indoor air quality on the buses they rode to and from school (school buses and HSR). Students learned about air quality, air pollution, and how to accurately record and interpret data using air quality monitors.