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Engaging, Hands-on Tours

Green Venture offers engaging, hands-on sustainable living tours of EcoHouse year round. During the school year, grade by grade curriculum based tours are available for teachers. EcoHouse is an environmental demonstration home that offers a unique opportunity to educators to show their students how to live more sustainably. Sustainable living practices such as natural gardening, composting and vermicomposting, rainwater collection, energy conservation, waste reduction and wise water use will be explained and demonstrated to students to show how they too can make changes to live more sustainably.

Tours are 2 hours in length, and are typically run 9:30-11:30 or 12-2. We can accommodate 60 students per tour.  Please note that as a heritage building, EcoHouse is not accessible.

Tours are available for school groups, home schoolers, Girl Guide and Boy Scouts, adult community organizations, groups, and clubs.

Please email to book a program.

Tours by Grade / Age:

Solar Panel Update at EcoHouse

Project Overview:   Location: 22 Veevers Drive, Hamilton System Size: 3.6 kW (DC) System Composition:  16 Enphase Micro-inverters 16 Canadian Solar Solar Modules Surface Area: ~ 300 sqft (28 m2) System design & installation: Merlyn Power Electricity Generation: 3,650 kWh per year (~ 305 kWh per month, on average, with higher production during the early…

Connecting with our Local Community Through Neighbour Nights

What are Neighbour Nights?  Tucked under the Hamilton Escarpment in the Davis Creek neighbourhood at Quigley and Greenhill, you’ll find the historic Glen Manor farmhouse, which serves as Green Venture’s EcoHouse. The unique 2 acre green space surrounding the house features a community garden, forested pathways, lawns and gardens that are open to the public.…

Taking the Bus to EcoHouse

*Note: this blog post has been updated as of Oct 2023 to reflect the recent changes to the HSR. The 5E bus is now the 5B. My name is Liesel, I’ve worked at Green Venture for a little over a year, and lived in the neighbourhood for 3 years. My primary mode of transportation is…

All Ages: General Sustainability Tour

During this hands-on tour of the EcoHouse, we explore many facets of sustainable living such as recycling and composting, energy conservation, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, wise water use, and gardening.

Kindergarten: Wiggly Worms & Waste

Through storytelling and hands-on activities and games, we will explore “vermicomposting” and how different species of worms can assist us humans in creating some top-quality compost!

Grade 1: A Quest for Less

Students will explore the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle)! They will learn to separate waste, recycling and compost (and reduce the amount of waste they create) by participating in the Waste Race game.

Grade 2: Don’t Let It Drip

Students will embark on a journey through the stages of the water cycle as a water droplet. In this activity students will describe the movement of water within the water cycle.

Grade 3: Soil: It’s More Than Just Dirt

Students will explore the important relationship between healthy plants and healthy soil! Through games and roleplay, students will learn what seeds require in order to germinate, grow and how humans can impact this process

Grade 4: Hazardous Habitats

Students will engage in role playing games that allow a further understanding of the impact humans have on animal and plant habitats and communities as we focus on understanding life systems and the interconnection at play.

Grade 5: Partnership Tour

Green Venture has a full-day partnership program with The Museum of Steam and Technology featuring curriculum-linked tours.

Grade 5: Watt a Waste

Energy conservation is explored through interacting with features and displays at the ecohouse. We will investigate energy usage in everyday life, at home and school.

Grade 7: Humans & the Environment

Students will investigate air quality (using our hand held air monitor), and how their daily lives affect it.  Students will experiment with our Raingers House Models, to see how simple technologies can affect stormwater management at home.

Grade 6 : Biodiversity: Closing the Loop

Students will reflect on the interconnected systems of living things and learn the detriments that humans can create to these systems: from introduction of non-native plant species, to monoculture farms, and habitat destruction.

Grade 8: Tap Water: A Precious Resource

Students will learn the importance of preventing pollution and various water conserving technologies and practices, as well what they can do to conserve water.

Grades 9-12: Moving Towards Sustainable Consumption

Inside and outside the ecohouse, students will be exposed to water and energy saving technologies encouraged to discover ways of conserving water and energy in their own homes and at school.

Please email to book a program.