During the semester of spring/summer 2023, Kevin and Afra, two high-school co-op students, worked on coding an app at Green Venture. Originally developed by a team of youth in York Region, the WasteBuster app was designed to help people find circular solutions for their waste. Collaborating with a group of students in grades 7-8 from Spring Valley Elementary School and their teacher, Mr. Manson, who compiled the database of all facilities for circular solutions in Hamilton, the WasteBuster app is a comprehensive guide to reducing waste while living in Hamilton!


What is a circular solution? 


A circular solution is any way to dispose of waste in a way that ensures that it is reused, repaired, recycled, resold, etc. With overconsumption becoming a prevalent issue all over the world, and the economy producing more short- term and single use products, it is important to be conscious of what happens to these things after we are finished using them. Most of what is thrown away ends up in landfills, which harm the planet. 


How do you install the app?


The app can be installed through the App Store on iOS devices and the Google Play Store on Android devices.


Picture of app store / google play + link 


How do you use the app? 


There are two ways to find circular solutions for items using the app. The first is being through the category directory. First click on the Circular Solution tab, then click on one of the subcategories, such as appliances, depending on which category the item you would like to dispose of. 


The other option would be to use the search bar to find the specific item or subcategory you are searching for, and it will direct you to circular solutions for that item. 


The icons on the left side indicate the address, phone number and website for the institution listed. The map icon leads to the maps app, and the website icon redirects to the website. The icon on the top right indicates what type of circular solution the institute offers. 


The app also has some other useful features, such as the events page which would redirect to events run by environmental groups and government initiatives in the Greater Hamilton Area, as well as a redesign page, which contains several DIY ideas to repurpose and reuse products that would otherwise be thrown out. 


Lastly, thank you to everyone who was involved and contributed to the app and the development process, without whom none of this would have been possible. 


(A group photo including the grades 7-8 class and Mr.Manson from Spring Valley, Heather and Mackenzie from Green Venture, and Kevin and Afra, high school co-op students at Green Venture)