Why zero waste ?

In Hamilton, we produce an estimate of 245,700 tonnes of waste each year – approximately 120,099 tonnes is sent to landfill and 125,600 tonnes are diverted (to recycling or composting).

Our unwanted and discarded items go to Hamilton’s main landfill site in Glanbrook.

All the products we buy, consume and dispose require energy and resources.

The 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Rot and Recycle can be a helpful guide for making zero waste choices that protect water and land.

At Green Venture we want to create a greener, cleaner city by providing resources to help you reduce waste.

“If you’re not for zero waste, how much waste are you for?” – Zero Waste Canada 

How to Zero Waste

Local Shops

Shopping locally cuts down on carbon emissions and encourages a circular economy!

  • Bulk Barn:
    • 1400 Upper James St, Hamilton
    • 659 Upper James St, Hamilton
    • 1187 Barton St E, Hamilton
  • Mustard Seed Coop: 460 York Blvd, Hamilton
  • Pale Blue Dot Shop: 240 James St N, Hamilton
  • Mrs. Greenway: 2 King St W Unit #3, Dundas
  • A Greener Place: 331 Dundas St E Unit 2, Waterdown
  • One Earth Refillery: 24 Main Street West Grimsby


Special Waste Items

Special waste items should be properly recycled at one of Hamilton’s Community Recycling Centres because they are not acceptable in the blue bin. This includes batteries, single use propane cylinders (e.g. small camping stove cylinders), compressed cylinders, metal paint cans (unless empty and dry), light bulbs, and ink cartridges.

  • CRC – Olympic Drive
    Location 27 Olympic Drive, Dundas
    Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm (Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays)
  • Kenora Avenue
    Location 460 Kenora Avenue, Hamilton
    Hours: Monday to Saturday,  8 am to 6 pm (Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays)
  • Kilbride Road
    Location 37 Kilbride Road, Hamilton mountain (includes the Reuse Store)
    Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm (Closed on Sundays & Statutory Holidays)

For more tips on how to recycle well, visit


Furniture & Books

Old furniture and books collecting dust in your home? These items can also be dropped off at a Community Recycling Centre! (See list above)
If the items are in good condition, they can be donated to thrift stores or charities.


Recycle Coach App

The Recycle Coach App helps you remember to take out the trash or figure out what you can and cannot recycle!
It is free and helps residents become more comfortable with recycling! https://recyclecoach.com/



TerraCycle is an eco-friendly company that accepts waste items that are not recycleable. They partner with other organizations to reuse and repurpose materials! The EcoHouse has a medium sized TerraCycle box to help reduce our waste from going to landfills.



Do you have old phones, tvs, or electronics? There are ways to recycle them!
It is important to recycle electronics because they contain valuable resources that can be reused. Also, sending them to the landfill can pose health risks to the environment and humans.