Things to See at EcoHouse

EcoHouse has a rich variety of demonstrations to showcase to the public both inside the restored 1850s house and in the surrounding gardens. The best way to see them is through an education program, as part of a workshop, or during an open-house special event, but Green Venture also offers self guided tours of the EcoHouse and grounds. A series of strategically placed posters and displays can provide an illuminating look at topics of environment interest, or alternatively those of heritage interest for the Glen Manor property.

These no-cost tours are best conducted with a smart phone, so as to be able to see additional content via a QR code reader. Please ask a staff member for assistance when visiting for a self-guided tour.

Or… take a virtual tour:

EcoHouse (and the Green Venture office) is normally open from 10 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday. It is recommended you call ahead (905-540-8787) to ensure someone is present as hours can vary without notice.

When visiting EcoHouse, some of the things you can find include:

Vermicomposting Information Solarium
Low-Flow toilets In-Use Demonstration

Main Floor and Basement
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station, Donated by EATON

Beside Permeable Pavement Driveway
(Veevers Gate, North Entrance to EcoHouse)
Rain barrels- multiple styles on display


Outside- seasonally
Stormwater Flooding Table and Water Demonstration Basement
Steel Roof

Garage Shed Beside Community Garden
Solar Battery Demonstration and Q&A Basement
Grey Water System, Courtesy of Mattina Mechanical

Heritage Information
Booklet for sale by $2 donation
Posters Throughout the House
Slide Show in Board Room
Tankless Water Heater In-Use Demonstration Basement
LED and CFL Bulb Information Veevers Room
Pet Waste Composter Front Yard, Behind the Bench
Green Roof Demonstration

Rear Yard, Atop Gazebo
Rain Gardens

Side Yards, Both Sides of the House
Heritage Garden and Heritage Graffiti Front of House, Front Steps
Native Species Garden Front Yard, Behind Solar Panels and Wind Turbine
Community Garden

Side Yard, Beside Main Gate
Solar System 1 and Wind Turbine: Battery Backup Front Lawn
Solar System 2: MicroFIT

A shot of Green Venture's EcoHouse microFIT solar PV system on the 1950's addition.

A shot of Green Venture’s EcoHouse microFIT solar PV system on the 1960’s addition.

Back Roof
Ozone-Infusing Laundry Technology, Courtesy of Airtrona Solarium
Insulation Display and Union Gas Home Retrofit Program Information Board Room