Creating a Healthy, Sustainable Environment

The Fresh Air for Kids air quality program reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions at local schools through a reduction engine idling. This is achieved through engagement between Green Venture, Grades 5-8 students, staff, and parents at local schools, and the surrounding community. The program, through education outreach and student-led social marketing prompts, tangibly makes a change in school community behaviours, notably reduced engine idling by parents, leading to reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Through the Fresh Air for Kids program, Hamilton participants take deliberate actions to benefit their environment, through participating in education on air quality. 18 schools in Hamilton will participate. The participants take an active role in collecting the data to prove a reduction in engine idling at their target schools, resulting in a reduced impact on the environment (greenhouse gases), and a healthier and sustainable environment in the vicinity of the participating schools.

Fresh Air For Kids Photos