Current Campagins

on the left is an image of a young child removing an LDD Moth Egg sac from a tree using a knife and a brown jar. On the right there is an image of two women removing an LDD moth egg sac from forested area. In the center there is text that reads "LDD Moth Egg Sac Removal"

LDD Moth Egg Sac Removal

Our first community science project will be focused on LDD moth egg sac removal. LDD moths are an invasive species that wreak havoc on our tree canopy each year, so we are excited at the prospect of bringing together our community to help keep them under control. We will keep track of how many egg sacs are removed through the project and calculate an estimate of the leaf area saved. This means that  all participants will know what a big, positive impact the project has had on our urban tree canopy!

If you remove any sacs on your own let us know by filling out this form, and we will add it to our total.

Register your school or community group for a DIY removal kit, or workshop here.

Previous Campaigns

Green Venture empowers Hamiltonians to take action and make our city a climate champion. Whether we’re connecting in the classroom, a community workshop or event, or even online, we can all make a difference when we come together to take climate action. 

In addition to our regular Green Venture programming, we also host month-long campaigns targeting various educational topics surrounding climate and the environment (and how you can get involved at home!) From learning about food and the environment, to waste management in our city, to active transportation (and so much more), we are always striving to learn about new ways to make our community greener.  

Check out some of our past Local Climate Actions campaigns below, and check back regularly to see what’s happening at Green Venture each month! 

Green Venture's Homegrown Holiday

The holiday season was here! The last of the leaves were falling,  and snow flurries were in the forecast, so we settled for a cozy winter and celebrate with family and friends. This past season you joined us as we made our holidays homegrown. We saved on cost and reduced waste by getting creative, thrifty, and supporting local.

 Green Venture’s Homegrown Holiday included, 

  • #FrugalFridays, where we shared budget and eco-friendly tips on social media each Friday
  • A live craft-along where we made eco-friendly winter and holiday decor, on Instagram and Facebook.
    • Watch the full workshop here
  • An in person clothing swap which had over 800 items of clothing and 40 participants
  • A  live plant-based eggnog taste test on Facebook
    • Watch the full event here
  • And more!
dark brown background. There are images of an evergreen wreath and mittens, the title reads: "Green Venture's Homegrown Holiday" there are four text boxes reading: "40 clothing swap participants, 325 views of our live workshops, 811 articles of clothing donated, 21,310 people reached on social media."

In October, we Rethought our Habits to Reduce Waste!

As we transitioned into fall and (eventually) winter, many of us are start to think about upcoming events and holidays. And sometimes, these events can be very wasteful. So this during the month of October,  we encouraged everyone to join us as we rethought our habits to reduce waste

We started our month with a pop up from Park Market & Refinery, throughout the the month everyone was invited to: enter our #OctoberRethink Giveaway by sharing how they rethink waste, we hosted a virtual Playdough making workshop, and had 40 community members visit EcoHouse in person for our Family Fall Festival.

Text reads "October Rethink! 40 fall family festival attendees. 11,650 reached on social media."

TREE-mendous Campaign Connecting Forests and People

In celebration of National Forest Week Green Venture made September urban forest month with Communi-TREE! The community had the opportunity to connect with us to learn more about our urban forest, engage in stewardship activities, and grow our canopy! Trees are important to our daily lives from cleaning the air we breathe, cooling our cities, and helping keep us happy and healthy.

Connecting our community and forests is important since trees have SO many benefits from economic to health. We brought awareness to how urban trees support our lives and the inequity of forest coverage. Green Venture hosted a tree planting event with the City of Hamilton and Trees for Hamilton, planting 250 trees on a city boulevard at King / Nash and tree stewardship events at a previous tree planting site and new forest at EcoHouse. This included cleaning up litter, mulching and pulling invasive species.

Communi-TREE ended with the start of a new program – tiny forests in Hamilton! Green Venture has teamed up with CanPlant in partnership with City of Hamilton’s Forestry section and Clean + Green Neighbourhood Grant to plant these forests at Windermere Basin and EcoHouse. Follow our Canopy for Community program to learn more about this innovative method coming to Hamilton!

Communi-Tree Header - Website

Throw It Away? No Way! Going Plastic Free for #PlasticFreeJuly

We had an amazing #PlasticFreeJuly 2021 filled with fun events, connecting with our community, and a giveaway! 

To kick off the month, we hosted an EcoHouse pop-up with our friends at Park Market & Refillery, filled with sustainable and plastic-free refills and lifestyle goods! Our staff team also took part in a neighbourhood clean-up around EcoHouse, Veevers Park, and Greenhill Plaza, where we collected seven bags of trash, and two bags of recycling. We also granted the #ZeroWasteWish of three members of our community in our giveaway, and shared how three of our Green Venture staff members are learning to go plastic free in their own lives.

We wrapped up Plastic Free July with our first annual Repair Cafe event, where we were joined by some of our mending, sewing, and fixing friends from the community. With their amazing help, we repaired bicycles, clothing, furniture, leather items, small electronics, and more! Repair Cafe also included another Park Market & Refillery pop-up, and a foraged flower workshop. 

#PlasticFreeJuly stats: 2 bags of trash & 2 bags of recycling collected. 22 items repaired & not thrown out. 17,600 reached on social media.

Cycling in the City for #BikeMonthHam 2021!

In June 2021, we celebrated #BikeMonthHam with our contest and cycling education campaign, Cycling in the City. Over the course of the month, we connected with Hamiltonians and took over 80  bike rides within our community. 

We talked about important sociocultural issues involved in cycling and how these play into climate action and developing green, sustainable transportation infrastructure to reduce emissions. Our friends at the Bay Area Climate Change Council shared the importance of developing more sustainable transportation infrastructure in Hamilton with us, and what this means. We also reviewed bike safety basics with River, and talked about issues of bike equity within the community. To explore the city, we also found some new local bike routes and resources shared by others in our community.

Thanks for riding with us, Hamilton!

Cycling in the city stats: 90 bike rides and 14 contest entrants.

Green Venture Cleans Up!

Our amazing community came together to celebrate Earth Month this past June during our Green Venture Litter Clean Up campaign! Over 50 participants took part, contributing a total of 15 hours this Earth Month to clean up over 23 garbage bags and 6 recycling bags worth of trash across the city. 

Some of the most common litter picked up included plastic bags, cigarette butts, coffee cups, water bottles, dog poop bags, and chip bags. 

We also hosted several workshops focused on reducing the plastic waste that might be hiding in your routine. From DIY personal care products to repurposing our kitchen scraps, we learned tons of new tips and tricks. Click here to watch the Waste Reduction Workshop hosted by Green Venture’s Manager of Environmental Education Programs, Heather! 

Thank you to all of the members of our community who took on the role of being clean earth stewards this spring. But the clean up doesn’t stop here – let’s make every day Earth Day! You can visit our great community partners as we work together to keep Hamilton beautiful: Beautiful Alleys, Beautify Hamilton, and Drop in the Bucket

Green Venture Cleans Up Stats: ToTAL of 15hrs cleaning up 23 garbage bags + 6 Recycling bags. 15 Litter Kits Distributed to 75 people. 4 workshops with 73 participants.

Cooking For Climate

Each week in March, we were joined by local Foodie Climate Champions to host Cooking for Climate: a series of FREE kitchen and cooking workshops discussing simple ways we can decrease our impact on the environment—while making something delicious. Our well-seasoned kitchen climate champs as demonstrated some of their favourite sustainable recipes or kitchen hacks, and shared tips on how we can make our kitchen more climate friendly.

We livestreamed four webinars, hosted by our great community cooking partners: Kate’s Baked, Ginny from Hamilton’s Community Permaculture Lab, The Joyce of Cooking, and Alex from Kitchen Island, to explore what sustainability can look like in our very own kitchens. Together, we learned six new delicious recipes, and were joined by 94 attendees!

Did you miss out on the live webinars? No worries! You can access the videos and recipes at any time on our YouTube channel.