When it comes to energy conservation and protecting our planet, we all have the Power to Change! From powering our homes to doing our grocery shopping, many activities in our daily lives require the use of energy. However, most forms of energy production emit greenhouse gases, which contribute to climate change. By learning more about how energy production creates greenhouse gases and pledging to use less energy, we can all cut back on our emissions and fight climate change. 
Green Venture offers several resources as part of our Power to Change program, designed to empower individuals to fight climate change and establish greener, more sustainable communities. These include hosting In-School presentations, our Power to Change Activity Kit (available for borrowing in both English and French!), and Home Energy Audits. We encourage everyone to take the Power to Change pledge and to make everyday changes that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions! 
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Power to Change - Energy Conservation with Green Venture and the Hamilton Public Library

Join Green Venture and the Hamilton Public Library as we explore different ways to reduce energy consumption and fight climate change! This video is made in partnership with the Hamilton Public Library for their 2020 Summer Reading Club. To learn more about the HPL’s Summer Reading Club, visit https://www.hpl.ca/src. #PowerToChange